Writer’s Reasons to Write

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Writing is a form of expression and expression is a human’s natural trait. Writers write because they feel an insuppressible urge to express. Writing reflects mindset, maybe not of the person, but a reflection of thoughts at the time of writing. For some writers writing is like walking, talking, hearing, feeling, loving and breathing something necessary to a healthy and interesting life. It is a hobby, a profession, an art, a joy, a means of communication and so much more.


Fame: Some writers write for fame and riches. But this is a very lazy and uncreative approach towards anything. It is like you can earn some money if incidentally you made a good painting but then you cannot call yourself a painter or a professional in that field.


Orientation: The urge to write is controlled by something deeper and instinctual than fame or easy money. Writing makes a writer feel good, it helps to understand things and thoughts, and it can re-describe the world, topics, perspectives, feeling and thoughts in new and different ways. Some message-oriented writers have strong belief in something that they want to communicate to others. Some writers just like to tell stories whereas some just like to record everything happening around them. Plot-driven writers write to know what will happen next.


Impassion: What makes writers pen their words; is their love for words. Writing is the idea of creating something real, using words to spin webs of emotions and feelings. Writers are fascinated by the written words. They strive to accomplish what they were drawn into. They strive to impassion others.


Companion: Writers write because they want to share the information that they have stored in their mind. They love to learn about new things, people and places. A writer’s companion for life is reading. Through reading they learn to understand others perspective and more than that they learn to imagine.   A writer’s greatest hope is that they teach someone something along the way.


Imagination: They love to transfer the gift of imagination. Words are magical things to writers. Words fly through their mind like birds, daring the writer to capture them. Writers are convinced that things they witness in real life must be recorded in fiction. Something about these events is very important to them – something to be carved in granite for the ages. This is where the inspiration is born.



Honestly, anyone taught the skill has the ability and can implement their knowledge but only a few will master their talent. Only a few will devote the time it takes to gather thoughts and express them in a manner which is art worthy. A devout writer writes to achieve mastery in expression. A writer constructs a dance choreography and song composition from thoughts and ideas. Their dance steps are their paragraphs; their high notes are their punctuation marks.


Art: Writing is an art. It takes special talent to write effectively. You cannot be a great writer if you hate writing or are only semi-passionate about it. There is a love for the written word that every truehearted writer feels. Every writer has his distinctive style for usage of words which becomes the voice for readers.


In summation, though expressed in different manners, the same obsession is running through the veins of other artists run through those of a writer. It is a form of expression, consumed by the soul; a form of expression, which they must put into practice on a constant basis. They write for no other reason than their passion. Writing is their passion.



  1. Lata said,

    Hey brilliant work
    Well I am under category of almost all of them lol (as a writer)
    Great stuff for writers who want to start writing and people who already are into writing
    Keep going i mean writing……………
    and thanx for the info provided

  2. nk said,

    nice to read your writting about writting

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